Spa Parties

Spa Parties

What is a Spa Party?

A Spa Party is when you get a group of friends and/or relatives to enjoy a unique relaxing experience at Touch Discount Day Spa. Special occasions such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers and pampering Happy Hours are great reasons to organize a spa party. Consider a spa party to treat out-of-town guests or as a mini-vacation for the entire family.

Why have my party at the spa instead of at home?

Many reasons! You don't have to entertain your guests. Our staff will be there to pamper them as all of you relax in our facilities. You don't have to prepare your home or clean up afterward. We have ample parking. Your guests may come and go as they wish.

What information about my spa party is needed to make a reservation?

The date and start time of your party. We need to know the approximate number of guests and the services each guest will receive. For services such as massages, new sets/fills, hair color, and updo's we must have an exact number because those services require a specialist.

Is everyone attending the party required to purchase spa services?

No. Some of your guests might not ask for services or may be shy about committing to a treatment. Once they are at the spa, they may decide to try some treatments. Our staff can accommodate those add-ons. Each guest will receive an individual ticket unless we are otherwise directed by you.

May we bring food, decorations and music to the spa?

Yes. You may bring your own food, beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), decorations and music. We have tablecloths, coffee makers and a water cooler available.

To schedule your party, call any of our Touch Discount Day Spa locations in El Paso or stop by for a tour of our unique facilities. You may also contact us using our online contact form. Please note there is an $100 per hour room fee for use of the spa after closing hours.

Princess Diva Parties | (for girls 12 years and younger)

Mini-Manicure (10 minutes)


Mini-Pedicure (10 minutes)


Mini-Facial (15 minutes)


10 Minute Foot Massage


Diva for the Day Package


Includes a Mini-Manicure, Mini-Pedicure, Mini-Facial and a Goodie Bag.

Deluxe Diva Package


Includes Hairstyle with Mini-Pedicure & Mini- Manicure and a Goodie Bag