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Get the Best in Massage Services From Touch Discount Day Spa

Get a reflexology massage or prenatal massage in El Paso, TX

After a long, hard week, there's nothing more relaxing than a massage. Sink into a massage table at Touch Discount Day Spa for a much-needed break from your workaday routine. We have two convenient locations in El Paso, TX where we offer a variety of massage services.

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Feel and look your best after a massage at Touch Discount Day Spa. We offer a variety of soothing massage services at our two locations in El Paso, Texas. Some of our most popular options include:

  • 10 minute Massage: $11
  • 25minute Massage: $25
  • 50minute Massage: $40
  • 100 minute Massage: $70
  • Prenatal massage: 80 minutes, $70
  • Facial toning 25minutes, $35

We offer add-ons to personalize your experience and make it extra special. These include:
  • Body scrub: $25
  • Full-body spray bronzing: $25
  • Ear candling: $25
  • Hot towels: $5
  • Aromatherapy: $10
  • Paraffin treatments: $10 for hands or feet / $12 for both
  • Stretching: $10
  • Facial masks: $10

Call us right now to discuss your needs with a massage therapist in El Paso, TX.

Massage / Reflexology Services

Mon-Thurs/Fri, Sat & Sun

Couples massage available for any of the below listed massages. Please request couples room when booking appointment.

10 Minute


25 Minutes


50 Minutes


100 Minutes


Prenatal Massage (80 Minutes)


Full Body Spray Bronzing





Paraffin Treatment Hand or Feet/ Combo


Hot Towels








Body Wrap (Firming and Contouring)


Body Scrub (Exfoliating)


Essential Massage for Face & Neck


Ear Candling


Facial Toning (25 minutes)




Additional Time

$1 per minute

Special Note:

Cellulite is dimpled skin along the thighs, hips, and buttocks occurring when the connective tissue between the upper and lower skin layers breaks down, allowing fat cells to clump together. Cellulite is often associated with obesity, rapid weight loss, and aging, but formation is largely the result of individual biochemistry. Daily aerobic exercise and a low fat diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetable are preventatives. Massage is also helpful because it stimulates circulation and helps break down accumulated fat.

ยน Services provided by specialized massage therapists. Another appointment may be necessary in order to schedule the appropriate therapist.